clive sullivan true professional

Clive Sullivan Biography A True Professional Book Review

True Professional is a biography of Clive Sullivan written by James Oddy. The book chronicles the story of one of rugby leagues greatest ever...
barrie tomlinson comic book hero

In conversion with Barrie Tomlinson

Who is Barrie Tomlinson? Editor of Tiger and Roy of the Rovers. Head of the Boys' Sport and Adventure Department at IPC Magazines. Author...
Comic Book Hero cover

Comic Book Hero Review

Back in the day comics were a part of every kid’s life. Boys and girls had their favourite weekly 'papers' following the adventures of...

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top 10 british comics

Top 10 British comics

Everyone has their favourite British comics. Here is my personal top ten which will hopefully bring back some great memories for OldnDazed readers... I loved...
1970s british icons

1970s British Icons