women not welcome

The owner of a B&B in Beverley, East Yorkshire has displayed a sign on his door saying “Women not welcome.” John Dixon Hart who owns the Minster Garth Guest House says he hasn’t banned women. He just doesn’t like them very much.

No stranger to controversy

The B&B and its ‘eccentric’ owner have been in the in the news before. Earlier this year Mr Hart was fined for falsely advertising his establishment as four star accommodation.

Women not welcome

Mr Hart told the Hull Daily Mail: “I don’t really like women. I just don’t speak to them or look at them.

“I believe there’s one staying at the moment. I have no idea what she thinks (to the sign); I have not spoken to her about it.”

He’s also got a real downer on the suffragettes

He went on to say: ““I hate that Pankhurst woman and all those suffragettes, I just hate the fact that women vote. I suppose they can drive a little, they are not very good drivers.”

“They are air heads, they are thinking about a million things at once.”

Planning a visit to Beverley?

Beverley is a lovely town and well worth a visit. But you may be thinking twice about staying at the Minster Garth Guest House. Especially if you are female.

Happily though you can use Trip Advisor to get the flavour of any place before you book.

Minster Garth currently has a 2 star rating. 69% of reviewers rate it ‘terrible’.

Some of the recent reviews for the B&B (now being rebranded as Beverley Guesthouse) include:

  • Do not stay here, listen to the reviews on this page, disgusting, vile and abusive
  • What a dump – wouldn’t even let my worst enemy stop here
  • Please take notice of the negative reviews
  • Worst weekend ever
  • Terrible experience

Water off a ducks back

To be fair Mr Hart probably doesn’t give a toss what anyone thinks. He’s running his business as he wants.

But I can’t help feel Minster Garth would be a good place for Alex Polizzi to visit. Oh wait. Alex is a woman…..

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