the sweeney retro board game

Rip up your Christmas list.  West 11 Designs have reissued a collection of retro board games.

And they are sure to get the pulses racing.

The Sweeney and Thunderbirds are among the retro board games that will prove popular with everyone.

All the games are based on sixties and seventies cult TV shows.

To be honest from what I can remember the games weren’t that great.  But the box art is worth the price on its own.

The Sweeney  is the pick of the crop with a brilliant picture of Regan and Carter.

But On The Buses and Z Cars are almost as good.

on the buses retro board gameI do recall having The Sweeney game and I’m sure I had a Captain Scarlet game.  But I don’t remember it having a spinner.  Maybe there were two different Captain Scarlet games?

But one thing I can be sure of these retro games will be popular with OldnDazed readers and fans of cult TV shows from yesteryear.

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