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English football’s best ever striker is once again pulling on his boots. Roy Race, the legendary Roy of the Rovers, is making a comeback in 2018.

He is every boy’s favourite comic book character. But Roy Race hasn’t made an appearance for Melchester Rovers in sixteen years. He last starred in Match of the Day magazine in 2001. Previously of course he was the star of Tiger and from the mid-nineties of his own Roy of the Rovers comic.

tiger comicIn fact Roy has been banging in the goals for Melchester Rovers and England since the 1950s. Now Oxford publishers Rebellion are reviving Roy’s career. They are releasing a series of graphic novels charting his early adventures. The books will begin hitting the shelves in time for the kick-off of the 2018/19 football season.

Roy Race has had more new looks than Doctor Who and Rebellion are promising another updated Roy of the Rovers. Ben Smith, head of books and publishing, said: “We look forward to bringing Roy to modern audiences in a completely fresh incarnation that honours the extraordinary legacy of the character.

“There are only a handful of truly iconic characters in British comics, and Roy Race is surely one of them.

“We will be telling stories that connect with readers both young and old.

“There is a dearth of football-related fiction on the shelves, and we’re looking forward to correcting that, whilst giving a classic British comic character a new lease of life in the process.”

Rebellion, who now publishes 2000AD and Judge Dredd, are promising a Roy of the Rovers ‘reboot’. Presumably they will be retelling Roy’s stories in a contemporary setting rather than reprinting old strips.

It will be fascinating to see how Roy copes with the Premier League, Sky’s millions, and social media pressure. Not to mention the legion of foreign coaches and players in the British game.

I can’t wait.

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  1. What a hero. Loved reading Roy of the Rovers and Tiger. Great comics and stories. Will be very interested to see the ‘new’ Roy Race.

  2. Can Roy rediscover his form? I’m not so sure. He’s been out of the game a long time. But I bet Harry Kane is shaking in his boots 🙂

  3. So many good memories of reading comics back on the day. Sometimes wish I’d saved some of the early ones but I guess they just got thrown out whenever mum had a clear out. I do remember reading Roy of the Rovers but Victor was my favourite comic. Tough of the Track was brilliant. Will Alf be making a comeback too?


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